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Q1) --
Different people follow different paths --
Some do meditation(dhyana)
Some do Bhakthi thro' Bhajan or Kirthan
Some do idol worship thro' Ritual Pooja
Hata Yoga etc.
How common goal of Brahma Jnana is achieved through 
different paths ?

ANS.1) --
There are many paths like

Bhagathpatpada Shankaracharya has told --
Which ever path you follow, you can achieve the goal only
through JNANA.
Hence JNANA YOGA is the best.However people find it 
difficult to understand & follow Jnana Yoga. If you are 
following other paths, then also, by gaining JNANA through 
that path only, you achieve the goal.

As per Kripaluji Maharaj, Bhakthi Marg is the BEST.He has 
achieved Jnana of highest order through Bhakthi & is 
called JAGADGURU. He is like a Super Computer in Jnana.

Combination of Jnana Marg & Bhakthi Marg or Meditation
(Raja Yoga) is the best way. 

Q2) --
Thaitreya Upanishad commentary says OM-KARA 
Upasana is for Yatis or Sanyasis only & not for samsaris ?

ANS.2) --
Reason for this restriction is, due to extreme 
dispassion(vyragya), house holder may walk away leaving 
family.However other writings do not support this view.
For Sadhana Chathustaya--
3) Shataka sampatti (sama,Dama,Uparama,
    Titiksha, Shraddha,Samana)
are the basic requirements.

In Raja yoga by vivekananda, Astanga yoga of Pathanjali 
yoga suthras mental recitation of OM is recommended 
for meditation, to control mind.

OMKAR upasana is for nirakara (formless) sakshathkara 
of Brahman. In the extensive study I did to write OMKARA 
nada article, I have not come across anywhere that it is for 
sanysis only. I, myself follow naturally Omkar as anahatha 
nada successfully. omkara nada-sound of pranava 
in this blog. Reaching the goal at the earliest is very 
important, instead of getting confused.

Q3) -- 
How to purify Body & MIND ?

ANS.3) --
Body cannot be purified even if you take bath many 
times a day it is full of dirt & filth. In higher levels of spirituality 
like Avadhutha State they may not take bath for many days.
Others have to take him to their house & give him bath.
He is always in Athmananda & not bothered about care of 
body or covering his body.

This can be achieved by --
1) Surrender to God fully all the time--highest level of 
2) Reverence to GURU as Brahman
3)Truthfulness Manasa.Vatcha, & Kaya
4)Sathsangha of those who are pure in Mind.
5)Anahatha nama japa
6)Egoless state--VERY IMPORTANT
7)Unending flow of tears of Bhakthi for many years
9)Jeevanmukthi bhava ie,seeing GOD in all,even in enemies,
10) Anhilation of Shadvairies--Kama,Krodha,Lobha, Moha,
     Mada & Mathsara

Q4) --
 In Sadhana we have to do Shravana,Manan 
       Nidhidyasana my doubt is, in Nama Smarana are above 
       three aspects covered ? 

ANS.4) --
Please note that, in Nama Smarana also Shravana,Manana,
Nididyasana are covered.
Mental nama smarana is thro' mind which is Manana, feeling 
that you are hearing internally, even during mental recitation 
is there, which is Shravanaconcentration of mind 
ie, holding nama smararana continuously in mind is 
Nidhidyasana. When you analyse & think they are not 
different even though on the face of it, they may look 
different !!

Q5) --
There is a book published by a Maharaj which gives 
solutions to worldly problems like sickness, poverty,life span,
snake bite,fame etc. Is it useful to follow the book ? 

Ans.5) --

I went through the book, it gives an impression as if there is 
a solution for every problem.

Prarabhda Karma cannot be altered, however by spiritual 
advancement, it will not have any influence on that person.
 Onlookers of the world think he is suffering due to 
Prarabhda. However I have a question for you, have you 
seen anybody who has overcome death by reciting 
Mruthunjaya Japa ?, no there is nobody.But Mruthunjaya 
Japa goes on in this world !!

May be in some cases,it may look, this book has helped 
those whose Prarabhda supported their problem.My
 personal opinion is that Rama Nama Smarana what you 
are doing, covers all the problems, if you are destined
 to achieve them or overcome the problems.Surrendering 
to God fully, leaving Prarabhda to work itself out is the 
best way to live !!
I wish to tell you one of my experiences in my life--

My Late wife had kept some amount (received by selling 
her property) & her jewellery in some locker of a Bank in 
Mangalore & passed away.

That time I used to go to that Lakshmi Temple at Ittamadu. 
I had told the problem to that old lady of the temple, who 
is supposed to have some siddhi(clairvoyance).

She made me to stand in front of the statue holding my hand 
near shoulder & told me," you ask the Goddess to show you
 & she will show it to you". Next 15 minutes I tried my best 
to ask Goddess to show me,surprisingly I could not. I told
 the lady," I have surrendered to Goddess fully & I live the 
way,how Goddess wants me to live !! hence words are not 
coming out of my mouth & I am unable to request Goddess !!"  

There is no harm in trying out, but it shows that you are not 
'muktha'(free) from MAYA, please note !!

Q6) --
One known person says Dhyan is the only way to God
but I am doing Rama-Nama Japa as told by Brahma 
Chaithanya,pl. clarify.

Ans.6) --
When nama japa becomes steady,ie, when no other thought 
comes to mind except one thought of nama & form of guru 
or Rama remains steady, mind becomes THAT only--mind 
settles in ATHMA which is nothing but DHYANA only.

Please see below what Ramana Maharshi has told--
Following is the narration by a disciple who followed
the conversation between a villager & Ramana Maharshi -

I was curious about this villager and why Bhagavan had 
gone out of his way to meet him. So, while the discussion 
continued I slipped away and caught up with the villager, 
before he left the Ashram. I asked the villager what he 
and Bhagavan had talked about. He said that Bhagavan 
had asked him why he was standing there so far away.
"I told Bhagavan, 'I am only an ignorant, poor villager. 
How am I to approach you who are God incarnate?'"

"What did the Maharshi say then?" I asked.

"He asked me my name, what village I was from, what

work I did and how many children I had, etc."

"Did you ask Him anything?"

"I asked Him how I could be saved and how I could

earn His blessings."

"What did He tell you?"

"He asked me if there was a temple in my village. I told

him there was. He wanted to know the name of the deity 
of that temple. I told Him the name. He then said that I 
should go on repeating the name of that deity and I would 
receive all the blessings needed."

He has aiso told--
Source: Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi

Talk 413.

A visitor asked: While making nama-japa and after 
continuing it for an hour or more I fall into a state like 
sleep. On waking up, I recollect that my japa has been 
interrupted. So I proceed again.

That is right. It is the natural state. Because you
are now associated with the ego you consider the
natural state to be something which interrupts your
work. You must repeat the experience until you realise
that it is your natural state. You will then find that
japa, etc., is extraneous. Still, it will be going on
automatically. Your present doubt is due to the false
identity. Japa means clinging to one thought to
the exclusion of all other thoughts. That is the
purpose of japa; it leads to dhyana which ends
in Self-Realisation.

Q7) --
Brahma Chaithanya Paduka was worshipped in 

our house,along with Rama-Nama Japa. Is it beneficial

for Spiritual Progress ?

Ans.7) --
One Athma is everywhere, you may think it as
Brahma chaithanya,Shankaracharya, Shirdi Sai Baba,
Ramana maharshi, my guru Venkatachala, or Goddess 
Mahalakshmi, all other Gods you can call in any name.
It is better to imagine That as your Athma, inside your 
body as well as outside as the world you see. This is 
the TRUTH & ultimate KNOWLEDGE !

Paduka,Photo,Statue,Kalasha,Sri Chakra,  ॐ,  etc. are 
only means to achieve the above knowledge !

Q8) --
Our Maharaj says Sadaka's need to know Sadhu
Charithamrutha, along with Sadhana, for Spiritual 
progress, is it so ?

Ans.8) --

Because sadhu charitamrutha is important in our blog
we have given charitamrutha of --
1) Sadashiva Brahmendra
2) Gajanan Maharaj
3) Kaiwara Thathaiya
4) Gondawale Maharaj
5) My guru's miracles
6) Incidents from Nithyananda's Life
7)      --  do ---      Akkalkot Maharaj
8)      -- do --        Samartha Ramdas
9)      -- do --        Shridhara Swamy
10)     -- do --       Shirdi Saibaba's life
11) 24 Guru's of Lord Dattatreya
12) super natural powers
13) Sufi saint Moinuddin Chisti of Ajmer
14) Puttur Ajja's life story
15) Bhagwan Mahavira's life Story
16) Incidents from Ramakrishna Paramahamsa's Life
17) Bhagwath Pada Sri Shankaracharya & his disciples 
18) Incidents from Ramana Maharshi's Life Story
19) Sri Ranga Mahaguru of Mysore 


Q9) --
To solve a problem in life,expecting favourable result
in return, is it ok to make a vow to our favourite God like 
abhisheka,neivedya(food offering),homa,pradakshina
(eg.,urulu seva) etc. 

Ans9) --
In our opinion vow(mangath, harake) to God should not 
be made,expecting favorable result in return like 
business !. You can do seva like Abhisheka, Puja, 
Archana etc. out of Love to God without making vow
(mangath,'HARAKE'), as making vow looks like doing 
business with GOD !

God is not interested in your Vow ! Is He in need of 
your vows ? He measures purity of your mind, Bhakthi, 
level of Ego, Prarabhda karmas, your Sadhana etc.

Q 10) --
My brother expired, hence I cannot do Puja rituals for 
10 days, but I feel like doing Nama Smarana ?

Ans.10) --
There is no restriction on Nama Japa at any time. 
Even when you carry dead body it is customary to recite
'GOVINDA' , 'RAM NAM SATHYA HEY' etc.You can do
Nama Japa mentally all the time. 
Shastras do not apply to a liberated person. Rahu Kala, 
Graha Gati, JATHAKA(horoscope), PANCHANGA(book 
following planetary motions & giving auspicious, 
inauspicious time etc.)  are not applicable to him. 
When your SOUL IS BRAHMAN & you are aware 
of it, even NAMA JAPA is not required.
To whom you are doing NAMA JAPA ? As per 
Shankaracharya & Vedas 'AHAM BRAHMASMI', 
'TAT TWAM ASI' etc.,which means 'I AM BRAHMAN',
'THAT THOU ART' etc. are applicable to your soul.
Only to control & concentrate your mind on SOUL, JAPA 
is required !! like THAPAS ie.,mind made to rest in soul !! 


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Parameshwara teaching Shanmuga

'Parameshwara teaching Shanmuga' postings are based on
'Jnana Sindhu' writings of great CHIDANANDA AVADHUTHA 
of very high spiritual level based on VEDANTHA
(UPANISHATHS). He had given the copy of the book to the 
parents of a future Avadhutha even before the baby is born, 
telling parents Goddess will take birth as their son & to give 
the book to the boy when he will be twelve year old who is 
destined to become an Avadhutha by name 
north Karnataka.


Shanmukha told Parameshwara -- 

Oh GOD of GODS ! You told PARABRAHMA is omnipresent
in this world & as all forms in this world ! Now please explain
in detail why we have to call it as NIRALAMBA -

Parameshwara told Shanmuka--

Child ! If you want to experience your own kingdom of 
inner BLISS, get rid off worldly pleasures, vasanas
caused by MAYA ! Just as shape of liquid appears to
depend upon the shape of container in which it is filled
with, when we remove MANAS, BUDDHI, AHANKARA,
PANCHA TANMATRAS (Five inner motors of senses) 
total EIGHT CHARACTERISTICS, what remains is
state of NIRALAMBA - ie, without support. 



[1] GANDHA TANMATRA = perceived by Smell

[2] RASA TANMATRA = perceived by Taste

[3] RUPA TANMATRA = perceived by Sight(shape)

[4] SPARSHA TANMATRA =perceived by Touch 

[5] SABDA TANMATRA=perceived by Hearing(sound)

If you hear this it is as a result of your good deeds, good 
fate & you experience this in depth. By hearing this you 
will be like me, I will be like you.

From Maya created by formless Brahman many things 
happened. Firstly from A-kara, U-kara, MA-kara letters
(aksharas) - Brahma,Vishnu & Rudra were born giving rise to
creation(sristi), Maintenance(sthithi) & destruction(laya)
By egoistic tendency many reactionary forces join together 
leading to road of activity,getting bound, taking birth there & 
get destroyed there..Being born formlessly,getting destroyed,
dancing by the support of formlessness, doing childish 
pranks,talking,they carryout activity.That formlessness is 
Brahman only, thus deciding is Niralamba.

Talking, hearing, looking, pride of cast,bad deeds,eyes,teeth,
lust,anger,eating,adventure,wife & children,thinking,fear,
peace,gold,soil,mind control,animal, penance, decision, doubt,
friends,news,suffering, bhakthi,strength,cleverness,dispassion,
person,parts of body,cloth,musical instrument, morality,
boldness, protection,politeness,future, senses,food,move for
relaxation,direction,natural law(thathva),sun,moon,three 
qualities,myself,yourself,doubtful business,behavior,talk,etc.
all kinds of items are formless Brahman - understanding
thus is NIRALAMBA. 

How bella(jaggery,brown sugar) by misnomer called as 
achhu(mould- as jaggery is prepared by pouring into moulds)
which is a false name,so also thanthu(thread,string,wire) by
misnomer called as 'pata' which also is a false name, even 
where real things exist false(mithya) names crop-up. These
imaginations are seen in yourself, so you are Brahman, as
everything being Brahman only,Maya is only imaginary. This 
world is like a water-mirage(seen in noon bright sunshine)
with hills,rivers & forests is unreal only. How a dear by seeing 
a water mirage thinks it is real & runs towards it, only to land 
into more trouble,those who believe this world as real are lost
in the forest of repeated birth-death cycle, experience sorrow

Richness of money,assets, extreme poverty which you 
experience in dream,you believe as real, those who are 
dullards believing this world as real, fall into the trap of 
difficulties only.This world is only imaginary,Maya.s magic 
like Indrajal, for a moment it looks REAL(SATHYA) due to  
Maya in Brahman.Waves & foam that you see in water
is nothing but water only, same way in Brahman this world
is seen is Brahman only.If you see waves in water-mirage,
is it real ?same way this world seen by the imagination of
mind, how it can be real,as mind itself is thought to be in 
Brahman.Just as a piece of rope is imagined to be a snake
due to adhyasa,MAYA is in Brahman like a dream. Wood 
only is seen as beams,pillars same way Brahman only is 
seen in the form of world.In the self resplendent bright 
light of Brahman, Maya is seen & vanishes.

Imaginary Maya in that GREAT ONE divides in two ways 
as Vidya,Avidya & is seen as many universes.Like image
in a photograph,Maya is seen momentarily in Brahman,
however in-depth contemplation reveals that there is no 
such thing as Maya itself.Due to false imagination(bhranthi) 
of men word Maya has evolved.If you search for Maya, 
you cannot find it, so Maya which does not exist if you say 
it exists,only sinners can tell like that.

Just as the sentence 'A barren woman by birth is pregnent'
is false,same way is the meaning of the word 'MAYA'. 
A person who says he has seen horn of moon & another 
hearing it, are both dullest of the worst kind, same way those
who say MAYA is real are at the highest level of ignorance !
A person who tells he saw a house without pillars,walls in the 
sky & the person who says he has seen a man with eyes 
behind in the back are wild imaginations, same way 
substance called MAYA, is unrealistic like a dream.

What is seen in formless Brahman, is nothing else but 
Brahman only.Moon,sun,stars,Mahendra etc.,languages 
like Sanskrit,life forms,world,universe,flowers like lotus etc.,
working with the intention for gain,forms of God like Rama,
love,devathas of eight directions,demons,animals,birds,
insects,microbes,tasty rich food,birth,growth,giving,buying,
telling'I lost,am finished','I am saved' cooking,childhood,
youth,old age,getting bitten by scorpion & resulting pain,
God of death,his executives,death,sorrow,scared,climbing,
giving loan,son,wife,friends,hands,feet,other body parts,
chain which symbolizes marriage(mangala suthra),telling
let us see tomorrow or day after, action against cast 
dharma, untouchability, sins,fight,kindness,strength,weakness,
oblation to fore fathers,rituals followed based on planetary 
positions on certain days,yoga & related activity,week days,
waning period.rising period of moon(paksha),planetary 
position trouble in horoscope, body,all things are dreamlike.

My child ! It is important to know that action of telling you 
is false,you hearing is false,the pleasure you get out of that 
also is false,preaching you is false,ganas(those who serve
parameshwara) assembled here is false,everything is
saturated by Brahman only. Brahman is formless, without
parts or limbs & beyond explanation or description.All the
universe is formless only.By the resplendent light of 
Brahman, though this world is seen like a mirage,there is 
nothing else, other than Brahman.
'From knowledge(vidya) one became God' 'From ignorance
another became Jiva' though different names are evolved, 
on contemplation Athma is ONE only.God with infinite 
knowledge may be visible for a second,in that same period,
Jiva full of ignorance is seen crores of times.By knowledge
you learn, by ignorance you forget.From Brahman, who is 
knowledge form, ignorant form Jiva is born & dies.Brahman
decides & fixes the system, Jiva due to ignorance is the 
follower of the system.Both these two are created by 
one ATHMA, over many yugas(spreading thousands & 
thousands of years).When you are able to get rid off both
knowledge & ignorance,what remains is very pure ATHMA.
This GREAT LORD, 'creates' as Lord Brahma,maintains
as Lord Vishnu & destructs as Lord Rudra.

Due to MAYA. this way of thinking(bhava) as JIVA & ISHA
(lord) takes place.ATHMA is without any defect(nishkalanka).
Just as a seed contains imprint of tree,leaf,flower& fruit,
same way Jiva & Isha are in world,which are nothing but 
Athma. These names & forms are seen & conceived due to 
wrong thinking,ignorance.As you see waves, foam in sea, 
which is nothing else than water, same way when Brahman 
is seen in the form of this world,can we think of differentiation 
between them ?

Child ! You are ATHMA which is without support(niralamba).
really do believe in that.This explanation is based on SHRUTI
(vedantha) & not imagination. I swear for this in the name of
Parvathi,Ganapathi,ganas,Sanaka etc.including myself. All
things are nothing but formless Athma & all what is seen is
MAYA,please know that.Knowing this NIRALAMBA only,
Jeevanmukthas get position of ATHMA.

In this way Parameshwara explained NIRALAMBA for 
crossing ocean of life & to help the world, mother earth
became happy. Devathas,Rishis who were near by drowned
in the lake of Happiness. Auspiciousness to Mukthi, this
sadhana,for those who read this & hear. This knowledge
of high status should not be told to those who blame Guru,
acted against, disrespected Guru,This way when Shankara
explained,Shanmukha experienced state of Bliss !