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All pandiths these days suggest that, in Kali Yuga, 
Nama Japa, Bhakthi through bhajan,kirthan as the easiest 
way as Jnana Yoga cannot be followed by all. However 
Sri Shankara Bhagavathpada has clearly told, whichever  
 path you follow, by attaining Jnana only, Self Realisation 
is possible.So those who are capable of understanding 
Jnana, learning Jnana along with nama japa, they will
be easily able to attain Self Realisation.

Best examples, who followed Nama Japa & achieved 
Self Realisation  are Narada Muni(Brahma Rishi, known
for  Bhakti Yoga in Scriptures), Samartha Ramadas
(Shivaji Maharaj's Guru), Brhama Chaithanya 
Sri Gondavale Maharaj, Shridhara Swamy of Varadapura
near Sagar,Karnataka, Saint Thyagaraja(classical music
exponent), Saint Goswami Thulasidas Maharaj,
Sri Ramdas of Kanhangad,Kerala.

You have to fill the name with love, whenever you repeat it,
saturate it with Bhakti & Devotion, cry out from the depths 
of your heart.This is very important, so much so, tears of 
Bhakti should flow out. Lord RAMA's name is quite popular 
among sadhaks following Nama Japa. However a sadhaka 
of formless God or with form, may repeat OM-kara which is
equally potent or even more potent.

NAMA MAHATHMYA(Divinity Of Name)--


Scriptures say that the celestial Narada Muni once asked 
Srimannaryana "Which is your permanent abode?". To this 
Sri Vishnu replied "Naham Vasami Vaikunte,NahiYogi 
Hridaye,Yatra Mad Bhakta Gayanthe Tatra Thistami 
Narada !" which means "Oh Narada, I am not in Vaikunta,
 nor in the hearts of yogis, you will feel my presence where 
my devotees sing my name with love and affection".
----         -----        ------         --------         ------          ------

What should be done to overcome the sufferings of 
Kali-yuga ? ` , Narada-muni had this doubt . He approached 
Lord Brahma for an answer . "Chanting of *Narayana-mantra*
 will eliminate all sufferings of Kali-yuga" , Lord Brahama 
replied . As requested by Narada-muni, Lord Brahma advised 
Him the divine *Narayana-mantra* : 

"Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare, 
Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare," 

Lord Brahma said, " Nama-japa is the best method available 
to a common man leading worldly life , to attain Mukti 


Saint Thygaraj's compositions on Sri Rama indicates 4 Stages
in Spiritual Progress through Nama Japa or Kirthana. 

1) Nama Japa purifies the mind of the seeker, which is the
     fundamental requirement for Spiritual Progress.

2) Understanding the meaning & significance of Nama mahima
3) Moral & spiritual norms like control of senses, mind, ego,
      renunciation, concentration,shraddha in GURU's teaching.

4)  Self realisation & Liberation

The Saint achieved VISION OF SRI RAMA in full splendor..

What Ramana Maharshi told About NAMA MAHATHMYA
& Nama Japa --

An illiterate peasant from a village came to meet Ramana 
Maharshi & stood hesitatingly far away from him, for a long 
time. Maharshi noticed this,got up, went near the villager &
the conversation between them as reported by another 
person is as follows--

 I was curious about this villager and why Bhagavan had gone 
out of his way to meet him. So, while the discussion continued 
I slipped away and caught up with the villager, before he left 
the Ashram. I asked the villager what he and Bhagavan had 
talked about. He said that Bhagavan had asked him why he 
was standing there so far away. "I told Bhagavan, 'I am 
only an ignorant, poor villager. How am I to approach 
you who are God incarnate?'"
"What did the Maharshi say then?" I asked.
"He asked me my name, what village I was from, what work 
I did and how many children I had, etc."
"Did you ask Him anything?"
"I asked Him how I could be saved and how I could 
earn His blessings."
"What did He tell you?"
"He asked me if there was a temple in my village. I told 
him there was. He wanted to know the name of the deity 
of that temple. I told Him the name. He then said that 
should go on repeating the name of that deity and 
I would receive all the blessings needed."
By the above incident we can know the greatness of GOD's
name & its repetition. 

Devotee : How should i carry on Nama Japa ?

Bhagvan : One should not use the name of GOD
mechanically and superficially without the feeling of devotion.
To use the name of GOD one must call upon Him with 
yearning and unreservedly surrender oneself to him. Only 
after such surrender is the name of GOD constantly with the

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa  said--

“In the Kaliyuga, man, being totally dependent on food for
 life, cannot altogether shake off the idea that he is the 
body. In this state of mind it is not proper for him to say, 
‘I am He.’ When a man does all sorts of worldly things, he 
should not say ‘I am Brahman.’ Those who cannot give up 
attachment to worldly things, and who find no means to shake 
off the feeling of ‘I,’ should rather cherish the idea: ‘I am God’s 
servant. I am His devotee.’ One can also realize God 
following the path of devotion.” 

Have faith in the name of God. Then you won’t need even to 
go to holy places. One should always chant His name. Even 
when one is performing one's duties, the mind should be left 
with God. 

God and His name are identical. …

There is no difference between Rama and His holy name

Satyabhama tried to balance Krishna with gold and precious 
stones, but could not do it. Then Rukmini put a tulsi leaf with 
the name of Krishna on the scales. That balanced the Lord.

Chanting the Name of the Lord purifies the mind 
and makes sins disappear.

Repeat His name, and sins will disappear. Thus you will 
destroy lust, anger, the desire for creature comforts, and so on. 
Pray to God with a yearning heart that you may take delight in 
His name. He will certainly fulfill your heart’s desire. 
(Paramahansa Ramakrishna in GSR, 203.)

The glory of the Name of God cannot be established through 
reasoning and intellect. It can be experienced or realized only 
through devotion, faith and constant repetition of the Name.

 Chanting the Name fosters love of God

Chant the name of God, and with it pray to Him that you may 
have love for Him. Pray to God that your attachment to such t
ransitory things as wealth, name, and creature comforts may 
become less and less every day. 
(Paramahansa Ramakrishna in GSR, 190-1.)

Anu Smriti Says....(16)

When we sing Nama Kirthana with Bhakti, Just as  all 
animals run in all directions when they hear the roar of lion, 
all our sins run away from us !

Bhagavatha (2-1-11)

Shuka Muni tells Parikshith Maharaj--

O, King !, those who are full of dispassion, not afraid of 
anything, who want to achieve Parama Purushartha, Hari 
Nama Kirthana is the only definite way.

 Chanting God’s Name will lead to enlightenment

One should cultivate a taste for God's name. Any name will do 
-- Durga, Krishna, or Siva. Then if, through the chanting of the 
name, one's attachment to God grows day by day, and joy fills
 the soul, one has nothing to fear. ... The grace of God will 
certainly descend.
 (Paramahansa Ramakrishna in GSR, 204.)

The wonder of chanting the name--

After the initial practice of chanting, may be few days or 
few months depending on the person, the chanting of the 
Lord's name goes on by itself happens by itself and in the 
mind. The meditation on the Lord's form goes on by itself. 
Mind gets attracted to the Ramanama and His form. After 
that there is no effort to chant the Ramanama. The chanting 
of the Ramanama goes on and on. The mind is so much 
attracted to it that it does not leave it. 

In Bengal there lived Chaitanya Mahaprabhu who was a 
great devotee of the Lord's name. In his place there lived 
a great devotee. He used to constantly chant Hare Krishna, 
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare 
Rama Hare Rama Hare Hare. Someone went and 
complained to Chaitanya Mahaprabhu that this man goes 
on chanting with his japa even while going for latrine. When 
he was asked about it then he said "it happens so". 

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu called him and said to him "be 
careful from now, do not speak at that time". But what could 
he do? At the time of going to latrine he would hold his 
tongue. Others complained to Chaitanya Mahaprabhu about 
this. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu asked him why he was doing it. 
He replied "Maharaj I could not hold back my tongue from 
doing japa" Then Chaitanya Mahaprabhu said that there is no 
blemish for doing japa at all times. But don't hold your tongue 
with your hand. 

In this way people who have the real taste of nama japa know 
how transcendental and sweet the Lord's name is. People 
complain that the mind doesn't get focused so; japa doesn't 
happen. But for those who do japa constantly day and night,
 japa happens of its own involuntarily. 

Nama Japa is Veda Parayana

When the above thought flashes in our mind, as a result of 
NamaJapa leading to Spiritual Jnana, that is the fulfillment of 
our life. 


What Ramana Maharshi says --

A visitor asked: While making nama-japa and after 
continuing it for an hour or more I fall into a state like sleep
On waking up, I recollect that my japa has been interrupted.
So I proceed again.

is right. It is the natural state. Because you are now
associated with the ego you consider the natural state to be
something which interrupts your work. You must repeat the
experience until you realise that it is your natural state
You will then find that japa, etc., is extraneous. Still, it will
be going on automatically. Your present doubt is due to 

the false identity. Japa means clinging to one thought 
to the exclusion of all other thoughts. That is the 
purpose of japa; it leads to dhyana which ends in 

 Nama Japa,should be done by the mind as Bhagwan said.
Rather than saying it out, he recomended saying it by mind.
 One can start with pronouncing with tongue mildly and
 slowly stop using tongue and produce the sound just in 
mind.. This takes one deeper..  That goes deep inside slowly
This is really possible. It really comes for an earnest seeker
who is willing to give up anything and everything for the
Atma Jnana.

One devotee asked Maharishi, "Can people wipe out the
 consequences of their bad actions by doing Mantras or
Japa or will they necessarily have to experience or suffer
them?" then Maharishi replied, "If the feeling ‘I am doing
Japa’ is not there, the bad actions committed by a man
 will not stick to him. If the feeling ‘I am doing the Japa
is there, the consequences of bad actions will persist."

HUMAN VOICE including NAMA is produced in Four Stages-

PARA, PASHYANTI, MADHYAMA stages start from Muladhara
Chakra along the Sushumna, ends in Vishuddha Chakra & 
the voice comes out of the body as VYKHARI(outside body) - 
Scriptures & Saints have told. Sri Ranga Maha Guru even 
demonstrated it by pinching a person's stomuch , who could 
not speak.So Nama Japa sound vibration passes along the 
Kundalini Path, which helps Spiritual Progress.

Three kinds of Japa

Sandilya says in Sandilya Upanishad, "The Vaikhari Japa 
(loud pronunciation) gives the reward as stated in the Vedas; 
while the Upamsu Japa (whispering or humming which cannot 
be heard by any one) gives a reward a thousand times 
more than the Vaikhari; the Manasic Japa gives a reward 
a crore of times more than the Vaikhari. "

Using Japa Mala

Method of holding Japa Mala

Method of holding Japa Mala

A rosary is a whip to goad the mind towards God. Use a 
rudraksha or tulsi mala of 108 beads. Do not allow the mala to 
hang below the navel. Keep the hand near the heart or the 
nose.Use the middle finger and the thumb of the right to roll 
the beads. The use of the index finger is prohibited. Do not 
cross the meru(knot or Big Bead) while rolling the beads. 
Turn back when you come to it.

Please note that count is not important, Bhava-full of Bhakthi is
very,very important.

Attention during Nama Japa 

This should be like the concentration we have when we count 
money notes one by one carefully, during a transaction. 
similarly each name should be given full concentration & your 
attention should not be on the clock or other surrounding 

Morning Four o'clock to Six o' clock is the best period in a day !
--Brahmi Muhurath . However Nama Japa should continue 
non-stop parallely , whatever work you do during rest of the day.

Linking the Nama Japa to Breath exhale,retension & inhale

We can link the Nama Japa to exhaling, one Nama Japa to
retention(Kumbhaka), one nama Japa to inhaling. By this 
method, Nama Japa repeats associated with breathing
takes place automatically. Consult those who are experienced.

Linking the Nama Japa to Thoughtless MIND. 

This is the most important aspect for the success of Nama
Japa .If you are able to achieve a thoughtless mind positively
success in Nama Japa is assured at the shortest Period.

Likhita Japa 

Writing down daily in a notebook your Ishta Mantra or Guru 
Mantra is Likhita Japa. You can develop a wonderful power of 
concentration.Besides bringing about purity of heart and 
concentration of mind, mantra-writing gives you control of 
Indriyas, particularly the sight and the tongue, and fills you 
with the power of endurance. You attain peace of mind quickly.
 By prolonged and constant practice the inherent power of the 
Mantra (Mantra-Sakti) will be awakened, which will fill your 
very existence with the Divinity of the Mantra.

Vaious Nama Japas Used & Their Significance --

1) RA-MA, RA-MA,___

The letters ra -and Ma are the seed letters of Krisanu (fire) 
bhanu (sun) and himakara (moon). The seed is the essence of 
the tree. What ever power is there in sun, moon and fire is from 
Ramanama. (Geetha 15,12). In Geetha Bhagavan says what 
ever is exceptional comes from me. There is no difference 
between the name and the holder of the name. But ‘ra’ and ‘ma’
 both like Brahman and jeeva are of the same nature. "they 
become similar in nature to me" The devotees also become like 
the Lord. Both are similar in nature. 

Sri Goswami Tulasidas Maharaj

Rama Nama Dear To Thulasi Das

These two letters ra and Ma are sweet to utter and hear. 
Thulasidas Maharaj is so fond of these letters like his fondness 
for Rama and Lakshmna. Rama ,Rama is blissful to utter and 
blissful to hear. Such is the bliss that Rama nama fills your 
heart with joy if you just remember it. While revealing Rama
Charita Manasa to the saints, Goswamiji Maharaj says these
two letters are so much lovable as Rama and Lakshmana to 
Thulasidas.Towards the end of Ramacharithamanasa, 
Thulsidasa says the following about Rama of raghu's lineage 
and his name."Sree Rama is an ornament to the raghu's race.
His beautiful attractive form and his Ramanama both should
be dear to me,meaning that the Lords form and His name 
should be dear to me.”

     (Thrayodashi Mantra of Thirteen Letters)

Meaning of the above chanting--

SRI RAMA -- Lakshmi along with Rama

JAYA RAMA-- Rama who gives success in worldly life, as well
                          as in Spiritual Sadhanas(Yogas)

JAYA JAYA RAMA-- Rama who is capable of removing 
                                     desires prevalent everywhere, who 
                                     gives Success for Truth(Sathya), 
                                     Righteous Living (Dharma) & powerful 
                                     to convert the world as VYKUNTA 
                                     (abode of LORD VISHNU).

Those who chant this Mantra are definite to achieve Benefit &
Success in their endeavors & failure will not be there at all.  


Samartha Ramadas  did above Nama Japa for Twelve Years 
at Nasik, immersed in river water up to waist. He had Sri Rama
darshana & also got Super Natural Powers.Then he became
Shivaji Maharaj's Guru.


Shridhara Swami did service to the Samadhi of Samartha
Ramadas, along  with Nama Japa & achieved Self Realisation.


Sri Brahma chaithanya Maharaj of Gondavale made 
propagation of Nama Japa as his life's mission & used 
supernatural powers to serve people.Even today free food
is served at Gondavale where his Samadhi is there.
For more details read posting--



Swami Ramdas of Kanhangad, Anandashram used to add
OM( ॐ) in front as above. It is believed that, adding OM in 
front multiplies the potency of the chant manifold.


     Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare 
     Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

Above chant means--

Krishna is the Sanskrit name of God meaning “all attractive”, 
and Rama is another name for God meaning “reservoir of 
all pleasure”. Hare refers to the divine energy of the Lord. 
So the Hare Krishna mantra means, “O all-attractive, all-
pleasing Lord, O energy of the Lord, please engage me in 
Your service”.

ISKON  is founded by Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada -

A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada 

ISKON has spread throughout the world & the above Nama
Mantra is chanted dancing, jumping, playing cymbals, during
puja(adoration ritual) & also in seclusion. In recent times Nama 
Japa became famous by this organisation. 

4) OM, OM,.....(ॐ)
This is the most famous mantra japa from time immemorial
which is used by majority of saints & having enormous power,

For meaning & significance read--

5) Sai, Sai,...


Sai Nama Japa Sadhana

 Some practical hints on Sai Nama Japa Sadhana. First of all,

let us begin with Baba’s words, "The simple remembrance of 

My name as "Sai, Sai" will do away with sins of speech and 

hearing. He alone knows the ways of getting things done, as

 he likes. Neither the flute, nor the harmonium knows, how the

sounds are produced. This is the concern of the players

this is the simple Sadhana for attaining salvation.

(Sri Sai Satcharitra Ch.III). 

Meaning Of Sai Baba --

One day a man asked Sai Baba, meaning of “Sai”, so Baba 

said, This name “SAI” is made of two terms: – “SA” and “I”:

“SA” means Divine

“I” is the symbolic representation of motherhood.

“Baba” means father.

In short, “Sai Baba” means “Divine Parents”. Literally “Sai” is 

taken from the Sanskrit term “swami”, meaning Lord or Master 

and Baba means father or protector. So whole term means

 “Protector or Master Father“.

6) Siva, Siva,.... 

    SIVA or SHIVA means'The auspicious one'


Sri Bhagavan has recommended the mantra 'Siva, Siva' 
to AnnamalaiSwami, Muruganar and also to unknown Harijan.


       It means  "I bow to Shiva." 

NAMAH SHIVAYA is the famous Panchakshari Mantra of 
Lord Shiva.
However OM NAMAH SHIVAYA is more popular due to the 
addition of OM( ॐ) as the power & rhythm are favorite of the

   Om Namah Shivay is a very powerful mantra. It has been 
said about this mantra that if this mantra vibrates continually 
in your heart, then you have no need to perform austerities, to 
meditate, or to practise yoga. To repeat this mantra you need 
no rituals or ceremonies, nor must you repeat it at an 
auspicious time or in a particular place." This mantra is free 
of all restrictions. It can be repeated by anyone, young or old, 
rich or poor and no matter what state a person is in, it will 
purify him.

8) Om Namo Narayanaya 

    "Salutations to Lord Vishnu/Praise the name of Vishnu"

Narayana represents the Path of Waters (of Life) in their 

involutionary and evolutionary cycles.

"NA" stands for the Evolutionary Path from gross to subtle.

"RA" stands for the Involutionary Path from subtle to gross.

"AYANA" stands for the cyclic movement of the waters 
(of Life).

 This is the famous Ashtakshari Mantra of Lord Vishnu.
This is the secret Mantra told to Sri Ramanujacharya by 
his Guru but Sri Ramanujacharya made it public, as it is 
beneficial to all people, without minding the consequences 
of publicizing it against Guru's wish. When this was told to
his Guru, Guru appreciated the intention of 
Sri Ramanujacharya to help the people & his unselfishness. 

9) Hari Om,Hari Om,...
    This is also the famous Mantra of Lord Vishnu, which is 
short & sweet. 
'Hari' means ‘the remover’. When one remembers His name 
and then repeats it, sins, karmas and bad astrological effects 
are steadily erased. Pain and suffering are removed. ‘Om’ is 
the primordial cosmic vibration from which sprang the entire 
cosmos and all creation. The most famous mantra is ‘Hari Om’.
 It’s essential meaning is that Hari is Om. ‘Hari Om’ is a 
universal mantra that removes suffering. This mantra contains 
within itself the cosmic vibration. Through Hari Om meditation, 
prana moves from one energy centre to the other.

There is also a Mantra --


HA= sky

RA= fire

I= energry

HARI= omnipresent sky capable of burning anything, and 

omnipresent omnipotent energy

* Om refers to the Supreme Infinite Spirit or Person. Om 
   represents the Shabda Brahman.

* Tat refers to 'that', or 'all that is'.

* Sat refers to 'the absolute truth', that which is not evanescent 

or ephemeral, the underlying basis of everything, which is most 
fundamental and universal. ‘Sat’ is the one and only eternal 

HARI OM TAT SAT = 'Glory to Thee, the embodiment of power 
and truth!'

10) Soham, Soham,.... 

      I am HE or THAT

      Universal mantra: The Soham mantra has been called 
the universal mantra because of the fact that its vibration is 
already a part of the breath, and everybody breathes.Sooooo... 
is the sound of inhalation, and Hummmm... is the sound of 


This is famous old Mantra, which rhymes similar to OM & when
reversed becomes 'Hamsa' which is the name given to those
whose Kundalini has reached Sahasrara like Ramakrishna

I was told this Mantra is used by 'Art Of Living' org. in their
'Sudarshan Kriya Yoga' 
-------         ------          --------           --------          -------          -------

The practice of Japa of the Name, swiftly helps one into higher 
realms. Meditation comes naturally to one whose mind is no 
longer agitated by conflicting and disturbing thoughts. And 
meditation is the core of all spiritual sadhana In the process, 
the mind does not become an empty storehouse but a 
powerhouse where thoughts of the Creator and His Glory have 
free play.

By the above examples of Saints who have achieved Self
Realisation & Liberation through Nama Japa,which is most 
suitable in Kali Yuga, let GOD lead us in this Path to find
fulfillment of this rare Human Birth. 


1) Sleepiness during Japa, how to know progress in Japa ?



 Body looks like sleeping due to MIND SLEEPING
(not active) ie, not conscious. Body alone cannot 
sleep. If mind is conscious,body is not sleeping.

Normally during dhyana or mental Nama Japa, 
people tend to get sleep, which is not good. It is a 
hindrance to the progress. If you feel sleepy,wash 
your face,walk or make body active & then 
restart Japa.

If you achieve thought free mind, japa repeating 
smoothly like oil pouring, steady vision of Ishta 
GOD is held in mind that is correct Japa. 

When Bhakthi takes over in advanced stage of 
Japa, tears should flow out, breathing gets choked. 
body may or may not, shake or vibrate(initially, later 
it will stop), you may see bright light in place of 
God's form or God's form may continue.This may 
go on for Two to Three years or more. 

In further advanced stage, outside world vanishes,
you are in a body, feeling also vanishes. Staying in 
this state, for longer period is Samadhi State.  

2) Can vigraha aradhna reduction admissible during
     Nama-Japa ?


 In nama Japa,if you get concentration, thoughtless 
state of mind is achieved, vigraha aradhana is not 
important. If not, vigraha aradhana can be continued,
parallely, till your hands freeze, arathi gets blown out, 
this happens in last stage in above answer. 



--  INTEREST IN OUTSIDE WORLD ACTIVITY                                                      
     should reduce drastically

--  Your previous birth effort also plays an 
     important role, please note.

If not, PROGRESS is normally very slow, however
you should not get discouraged, pl. continue your 
effort, as these programs are spread over many births.   



  1. Good infoative article. Everything is fine the article somewhere there is ravishankars photograph and something... It's relevance is not understood by me. These are commercial professor like personalities. Any way great...keep on enchanting.... Hare R hare Krishna

  2. Dear Anil Ghanwatji,
    Let us avoid personal comments !
    'Soham Soham' is a very old nama japa.
    Art Of Living Org. they are using this
    nama japa in ther Sudarshan Kriya Practice.
    Sri Sri Ravishankar is the founder of
    Art Of Living Org.There is no room for
    any doubt.

    Thanking you for your support &
    continue in future also.

  3. Name of Lord is like detergent, knowingly or unknowingly whereever it reaches it clears the dirt. Let us recite the name of Lord Sainath (Or whom so ever you like) without any intention or for benefit of worldly pleasure. Om Sai Ram.